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Capacitor Charging
1kV to 50kV
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Calculating AC Line Currents
  High Voltage Capacitor Charging and DC Power Supplies
Outputs from 1kV to 50kV, 500J/sec to 30kJ/sec
Switchmode Capacitor Charging Supplies
TDK-Lambda Americas' ALE systems division is the oldest and most experienced designer and manufacturer of high voltage capacitor charging power supplies operating today. The wide range of output voltages (1 - 50kV) and power levels (500J/sec to 30kJ/sec and above) available from a single supplier is unique in the industry.

ALE Capacitor charging power supplies are specifically designed to efficiently charge capacitive loads to high voltages with excellent pulse to pulse repeatability at very high repetition rates. Capacitor charging supplies differ from conventional DC supplies in that the output current is fixed and not variable, allowing the load capacitor to be charged in the fastest possible time, with no requirement for series current limiting resistors. All of ALE's capacitor charging supplies have a fast inhibit input. This allows the user to start and stop load charging with a simple 0-10V input signal.

This feature is particularly useful in repetitive discharge circuits where inhibiting the supply output current after the load has been discharged aids in switch recovery. In addition to the fast inhibit control all of the standard power supplies feature a comprehensive control interface with programming and status signals.

The capacitor charging supply was originally designed to replace large command resonant charge supplies in high performance lasers. Even today the largest application for this type of supply is the laser industry. Although lasers are the largest users of capacitor charging power supplies, they also find applications in areas as diverse as medical sterilization and rock crushing.

Switchmode High Voltage DC
Although the ALE series of power supplies have been designed to operate as constant current capacitor charging supplies, they can be used in continuous DC applications with the addition of an external filter capacitor. When used in DC applications the ALE series can often deliver more average power, see the product details for the actual rating.

Multiple DC supplies can be operated in parallel to create very high power DC (or capacitor charging) power solutions to meet the extreme demands and applications.

To discuss your applications in more detail or to learn more about our extensive range of ALE High Voltage products either Email or call Andy Tydeman at +1-732-922-5408.

High Voltage Application Notes (PDF)

The high voltage app notes are designed to answer question that may arise from specific types of installation. If you have comments or suggestions please email them to us.

APP Note 500: Calculating Capacitor Charge Time
APP Note 502: Calculating AC Line Currents
APP Note 505: Charging units as Continuous Output DC Supplies
APP Note 507: Charging Large Load Capacitors
APP Note 509: What is Regulation and Repeatability?
APP Note 513: Power Factor Correction
APP Note 517: Protection Against Voltage Reversal

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