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PR HeadlineProduct SeriesDate
Harsh Environment and COTS DC-DC Converter Series Extended with 85W Models
HQA85 February 24th, 2017
100A POL Converter has PMBus™ Communication
iJC February 1st, 2017
300W External Power Supplies Have Class I or II Inputs and Level VI Efficiency
DTM300-D  January 3rd, 2017
Low Profile Power Supplies Require Less Space on DIN Rail
DRL December 20th, 2016
Compact 480W DIN Rail Power Supply is 93% Efficient
DRB480-24-1 December 20th, 2016
7-Year Warranty 1500W Modular Power Supply has Full MoPPs isolation and Lowest Acoustical Noise
QM7 November 9th, 2016
3200W Industrial Power Supply Has 400/440/480V 3-Phase Delta or Wye AC Input
TPS3000-24 November 1st, 2016
2500W 1U High Industrial Power Supplies Have PMBus™ Communications
RFE2500 October 14th, 2016
Wide input Range 15W DC-DC Converters Have Six-Sided Shielding
CCG15S September 1st, 2016
Board Mount 15W to 60W AC-DC Power Supplies Have Medical and ITE Certifications
KMS-A July 27th, 2016
300-600W Constant Current Power Supplies are Suitable for Charging Energy Storage Systems
EVS July 12th, 2016
High Performance Quarter Bricks Target COTS and Harsh Environment Applications
HQA 120 June 27th, 2016
250W Medical and ITE 3x5” Footprint Power Supplies are 94% Efficient
CUS200M June 13th, 2016
1000W AC-DC Baseplate Cooled Power Modules Have Improved Efficiencies PFE1000FA June 7th, 2016
Non-isolated DC-DC Converter Series Extended With 20A Models i6A4W May 3rd, 2016
Non-isolated Wide Range DC-DC Converters Provide Negative Outputs  i6AN April 7th, 2016
Power Supply Manufacturer joins the System Management Interface Forum and becomes a PMBus™ adopter PMBus™  March 15th, 2016
Board Mount AC-DC Power Supplies have Wide Operating Temperature Range KWS-A March 1st, 2016
Medical External Power Supplies Have Class II Input and Level VI Efficiency DTM65-C8 February 9rd, 2016
CUS350M Power Supply Series Named One of the 2015 Hot 100 Products by EDN CUS350M February 3rd, 2016
100W to 150W Adapter Power Supplies Meet DoE Level VI Efficiency Standards DT100D & DT150D January 21st, 2016
DIN Rail Power Supplies Are Suitable for Use in Hazardous Locations DRF/HL January 6th, 2016
Compact 10A EMC Filter is suitable for use with DC-DC Converters iDQ December 23rd, 2015
Quarter Brick DC-DC Converter Series Extended with New 504W Models iQG December 16th, 2015
40A Surface Mount DC-DC Converter has a Low 10.2mm Profile iAH December 8th, 2015
20A POL DC-DC Converter Operates from a 3.5V to 14V Bus Voltage iBH November 30th, 2015
35A POL Converter has PMBus™ Communication iJA35A November 21st, 2015
Wide Input Range 250W DC-DC Converters Provide 3.3V to 24V Output i6A November 17th, 2015
12A POL DC-DC Converter Operates from 5V and 12V Bus Voltages iCH October 28th, 2015
65W to 80W Adapter Power Supplies Comply With Level VI Efficiency Standards DT62D & DT80D October 6th, 2015
Conduction Cooled 1000W Power Supplies Feature 60% Size Reduction CPFE1000FI October 6th, 2015
350W Medical & ITE Certified Power Supplies are Convection Cooled CUS350M September 18th, 2015
3W to 10W DIP-24 DC-DC Converters Have Medical Certification PXC-M August 18th, 2015
200 - 425VDC Input DC-DC Converter Series Extended With Additional Output Voltages PH-A280 July 23rd, 2015
30W 1 inch by 1 inch DC-DC Converters Have 4:1 Input Range CCG30G June 22nd, 2015
165W Adapter Power Supplies Have Medical Certification DTM165 May 18th, 2015
Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for use with Energy Storage Battery Systems EZA2500 April 20th, 2015
600W High Voltage Models Finalize Extensive Z+ Series of Programmable Power Supplies Z+ March 31st, 2015
Low Profile 3 x 5” 75W Triple Output Power Supplies CUT75 February 24, 2015
Medical 100W 2x4" Power Supplies Have Long Capacitor Life ZMS100 January 29, 2015
Full Featured 120 to 480W DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies DRF December 12, 2014
Programmable Power Supply Series Extends to 800W 650V Output Z+ November 18, 2014
RDEN DC Input EMC Filter is Rated at 50A RDEN September 25, 2014
300W 1/8th Brick DC-DC Converter has Digital Control iEH August 31, 2014
50W Power Supplies Added to Five Year Warranty RWS-B Series RWS-B July 30, 2014
Programmable Power Supply Series Extends to 650V Output Z+ June 19, 2014
Intelligent Auto-Tuning 60A POL Converter has PMBus Communication iJB May 21, 2014
100W to 600W Power Supply Series has Five Year Warranty RWS-B April 25, 2014
Low Voltage Models Added to ZWS300BAF Series ZWS300BAF April 1, 2014
Higher Efficiency AC-DC Full-Brick Power Modules Have a Five Year Warranty PFE-SA March 4, 2014
HWS-A offers significant performance improvements to established HWS HWS-A Feb 17, 2014
Quarter Brick DC-DC Converters have a 200-425VDC Input PH-A280 Jan 27, 2014
High Efficiency DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies Feature Compact Sizes DRB15-100 December 19, 2013
New 1U Power Supply Rack Offers Dual 3kW Outputs HFE1600 November 18, 2013
Compact Low Voltage Power Supplies GWS500 August 29, 2013
New 50-Watt DC-DC Converters are Ideal for Railway and 24V Vehicle Applications CN50A24 July 22, 2013
New 250W Convection-Cooled Power Supply Features
Low Profile, High Efficiency and Wide AC Input Range
CUS250 Jun. 11, 2013
Ultra Compact 800-Watt Programmable Power Supply
Features Advanced Digital Controls
Z+ May 08, 2013
New 400W Quarter Brick Converters Feature 95%
Efficiency in Standard DOSA Footprint
iQG Apr. 02, 2013
New 1600 Watt Power Supply Features 92% Efficiency
with Digital Controls
RFE1600 Mar. 19, 2013
TDK-Lambda Unveils Convection Cooled & Compact 300-Watt Power Supplies ZWS300BAF Feb. 5, 2013
TDK-Lambda Expands 1.6kW Series of Front End Power Supplies with 32V Model HFE1600 Jan. 15, 2013
TDK-Lambda's HWS-L/BAT Power Supplies Named One of the "Hot Products of 2012" by EDN HWS1000L-BAT Dec. 13, 2012
TDK-Lambda Unveils ITE Certified 10 to 30-watt Switchers with Narrow 2-inch Width ZWS10-30B Dec 5, 2012
TDK-Lambda Expands the Z+ Series of Programmable DC Power Supplies Z+ Nov 14, 2012
TDK-Lambda Unveils 600W & 1000W Power Supplies for Charging Secondary Batteries HWS1000L-BAT Oct 2, 2012
TDK-Lambda Unveils Compact 150 & 240 Watt Power Supplies with up to 200% Peak Power ZWS-BP Sep 5, 2012
TDK-Lambda introduces the Z+ Series Programmable DC Power Supplies Z+ Aug 6, 2012
TDK-Lambda iPhone and Android Apps Provide Quick and Easy Mobile Access to Library of Power Supply Tech Terms Phone App Jul 11, 2012
TDK-Lambda Digitally-Controlled 300-400W Medical Power Supplies Meet UL60601-1 3rd Edition CFE400M Jun 20, 2012
TDK-Lambda 2500 Watt Server Power Supply Achieves 80 PLUS Platinum Efficiency HFE2500 May 30, 2012
New 2.5kW Front-End Power Supplies for Hot-Swap and Redundant Power Systems HFE2500 Apr 10, 2012
TDK-Lambda Announces 2nd Gen DOSA SMT 3A to 20A PoL Converters 2nd Gen. DOSA Mar 5, 2012
Green 500W Power Supplies Introduced by TDK-Lambda GWS500 Feb 2, 2012
Conduction-Cooled 1000 Watt Power Supplies Feature I2C Bus Communications CPFE1000 Jan 9, 2012
TDK-Lambda Releases Medical & ITE-Certified 65-Watt Switcher in 2 x 4-inch Footprint MWS65 Dec 5, 2011
New Splash Proof 60-100W LED Drivers/Supplies For Lighting & Display Applications AL60-100 Nov 2, 2011
TDK-Lambda Releases Medical-Certified 90-110 Watt External Power Supplies DTM110-C Oct 4, 2011
100 Watt Railway Quarter Brick Modules Unveiled by TDK-Lambda CN100A24 Sep 13, 2011
Digital 300-400W Supplies with 5 Year Warranty Meet Medical and ITE Safety Specs EFE Aug 4, 2011
Green 250W Power Supplies Introduced by TDK-Lambda GWS250 Jul 12, 2011
TDK-Lambda Launches Smart Phone App for Selecting Power Supplies Phone App Jun 1, 2011
TDK-Lambda Unveils 50 and 75-Watt Power Supplies with 10 Year Life ZWS50-75BAF May 9, 2011
New Driver Powers Up to Six Strings of LEDs for Backlighting LCD Displays ALD6 Apr 11, 2011
New 100 Watt Open-Frame Power Supplies from TDK-Lambda ZPSA100 Mar 22, 2011
TDK-Lambda Releases New Power Products Catalog for 2011 -- Feb 18, 2011
TDK-Lambda Releases 500W Power Supplies for Medical & Industrial Applications CSS500 Jan 24, 2011
DIN-Rail Mount 40-60W DC-DC Converters Operate with 12V, 24V and 48V Inputs DPX Jan 5, 2011
Digitally Controlled 400-Watt Power Supplies Meet Medical and ITE Safety Specs EFE400M Dec 20, 2010
New 1600 Watt Front-End Power Supplies for Hot-Plug and Redundant Power Systems HFE1600 Dec 6, 2010
TDK-Lambda Unveils Compact PCB-Mount 100 and 150-Watt Power Supplies ZWS-BAF 100-150W Nov 9, 2010
Low-Cost 200W Power Supplies Launched by TDK-Lambda LS200 Oct 26, 2010
Baseplate-Cooled 500W AC-DC Power Supplies Unveiled by TDK-Lambda CPFE Oct 11, 2010
TDK-Lambda Releases Medical-Certified 40-65 Watt External Power Supplies DTM65-C Sep 27, 2010
30 to 200 Watt Railway Quarter & Half Brick Modules Unveiled by TDK-Lambda CN-A Sep 13, 2010
TDK-Lambda Unveils 62 & 80 Watt Energy Saving External Power Supplies DT80-C Aug 27, 2010
TDK-Lambda Unveils New 48V at 1500W Industrial and COTS Power Supply LZSA1000 Aug 03, 2010
Multi-Output Backlight LED Drivers for LCD Displays Launched by TDK-Lambda ALD Jul 13, 2010
TDK-Lambda Releases 30W, 100-277VAC Input, DIN Rail Power Supply DSP Jun 18, 2010
TDK-Lambda Announces Programmable LED Drivers for Lighting Applications LEDC10 May 18, 2010
New Power Supplies from TDK-Lambda Approved for BF Type Medical Applications NVM175 May 04, 2010
TDK-Lambda Unveils Compact 100W to 150W Medical & ITE Safety Certified Power Supplies CSS150 Apr. 06, 2010
Railway Quarter-Brick Modules Announced by TDK-Lambda CN Mar. 08, 2010
External Power Supplies from TDK-Lambda Meet Tough Energy Efficiency Standards DT-C Feb. 10, 2010
TDK-Lambda Launches Low Profile, Isolated 15W & 30W Converters with Parallel Function CC-P-E Jan. 26, 2010
TDK-Lambda Powers Giant HDTV Stadium Screens ZWS Jan. 19, 2010
TDK-Lambda Launches 1kW Low-Profile Power Supplies RFE Dec. 15, 2009
TDK-Lambda Introduces Fully Shielded 30-Watt Converters With 4:1 Input Range PXD30W Nov. 19, 2009
TDK-Lambda Launches LED Power Supplies For Lighting & Display Applications LD12 Oct. 19, 2009
TDK-Lambda Introduces DIN Rail Power Supplies that Operate with 3-Phase AC Inputs DPP Sep. 17, 2009
TDK-Lambda's 100-150W External Power Supplies Meet New Energy Efficiency Standards DT-C Aug. 18, 2009
TDK-Lambda Packs 15W into 1 x 1 Inch DC-DC Converter PXA, PXB July 21, 2009
TDK-Lambda Expands Quarter Brick Line iQG, iQL June 16, 2009
TDK-Lambda Releases 7-Amp POL Converter in Tiny SIP Package iBD May 18, 2009
New Low Cost 25W and 35W Enclosed Power Supplies from TDK-Lambda LS Apr. 14, 2009
TDK-Lambda Introduces 40 to 65W AC-DC Medical Power Supplies CSS65 Mar. 10, 2009
New Broad Range of EMI Filters From TDK-Lambda R Feb. 10, 2009
New Digitally Controlled Power Supplies Meet Medical Specs EFE Jan. 14, 2009

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