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PH-A280 Series

pha series PH50A to PH150A Shown

PH-A280 50-300W
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Download more technical files

Recommended heat sinks

PH50A280 to PH150A280

  • HAQ-10T  25mm high, transverse fins + thermal resistance graph


  • HAH-10T 25mm high, transverse fins
  • HAH-10L 25mm high, longitudinal fins
  • HAH-15L 38mm high, longitudinal fins

TDK-Lambda Americas PH-A Power Supply from TDK-Lambda on Vimeo.

50-300W, 5-48V Output, 200-425VDC Input, DC-DC

  • 200 - 425VDC Input
  • High Efficiency
  • Base plate Cooled
  • Full Power at 100°C base plate
  • Five Year Warranty
  • 50 to 150W Quarter Brick
  • 300W Half Brick

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