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• Reduced Package size
• New Patented Inverter
• On-board PFC
• Reduced parts count
• Remote Controls
• High EMI-RFI Immunity
• Medical safety approved (on most models)

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• Pulsed YAG Lasers
• Lithotriptors
• Precipitators
• General Low to Medium Power PFN's
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500A - 500J/sec or 500W DC
152A - 1.5kJ/sec or 1.5kW DC

APP Note 500: Calculating Capacitor Charge Time
APP Note 502: Calculating AC Line Currents
APP Note 505: Charging units as Continuous Output DC  Supplies
APP Note 507: Charging Large Load Capacitors
APP Note 509: What is Regulation and Repeatability?
APP Note 513: Power Factor Correction
APP Note 517: Protection Against Voltage Reversal
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ALE Model 102A
Programmable High Voltage Capacitor Charging and DC Power Suplies
Output Voltages: 0-1kV to 0-40kV at 1,000J/sec average power or 1,000W DC
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  • Overview
  • Technical Details
  • Technical Support

Product Overview and Models

The 102A Series is a Compact OEM style constant current capacitor charging or DC power supply with output voltages available from
to 0-40kV with fixed positive (POS) or negative (NEG) polarity, 110VAC or 220VAC single phase input, and optional Active PFC. All models feature medical safety approvals.


  Capacitor Charging Ratings   Continuous DC Ratings    
Model Number Output

Cap Charging

Cap Charging



DC Power

DC Current (milliAmps)



102A-1kV-POS 0-1,000   1,000 1,100 2,200   1,000 1,000  
102A-1.5kV-POS 0-1,500   1,000 1,100 1,465   1,000 660  
102A-2kV-POS 0-2,000   1,000 1,100 1,100   1,000 500  
102A-3kV-POS 0-3,000   1,000 1,100 730   1,000 330  
102A-4kV-POS 0-4,000   1,000 1,100 550   1,000 250  
102A-5kV-POS 0-5,000   1,000 1,100 440   1,000 200  
102A-6kV-POS 0-6,000   1,000 1,100 365   1,000 160  
102A-10kV-POS 0-10,000   1,000 1,100 220   1,000 100  
102A-15kV-POS 0-15,000   1,000 1,100 145   1,000 65  
102A-20kV-POS 0-20,000   1,000 1,100 110   1,000 50  
102A-30kV-POS 0-30,000   1,000 1,100 73   1,000 33  
102A-40kV-POS 0-40,000   1,000 1,100 55   1,000 25  


Ordering Information







Factory Options


- 20kV - POS - PFC
        NEG   LH

The ALE model 102A is an OEM style High Voltage Power Supply designed for operation in two modes. In the most common format it is a constant current Capacitor Charging Supply which will reliably charge HV capacitors and Pulse Forming Networks (PFN's). The 102A can also operate as a constant voltage, continuous output DC Power Supply with the addition of an external filter capacitor. The entire OEM series supplies employ ALE's patented parallel resonant inverter topology which results in superior pulse to pulse repeatability compared with conventional series resonant designs.

For more information about the 102A Power Supply Series, contact the TDK-Lambda Americas Programmable and High Voltage team directly at +1-732-795-4100 or online at -

A wide range of other TDK-Lambda Programmable and High Voltage power supplies can be viewed from the website:


AC Input
Input Voltage
(No PFC)
6.6A 10A
N/A 20A

Average Charging Rate
1,000 J/s at rated Output Voltage.

Peak Charging Rate
1,100 J/s at rated Output Voltage.

Standard Voltage Ranges
1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 kV.
All models continuously variable from 10 to 100% of rated voltage output.
Linear to within 1% of full scale.
Accuracy 1% of rated.

Available as fixed Positive (POS) or Negative (NEG), Please Specify.

High Voltage Assembly
Voltage Medium Output Cable
1 to 6 kV Air Coax RG58
7 to 40 kV Oil 12AWG, HV Silicon Type DJ

Input Connector
VDE, UL, CSA, approved.

Power Factor
All Models 0.65 0.98

Better than 85%

Stored Energy
Less than 0.3 Joules all models.


0.2% per hour after 1 hour warm-up.

Pulse to Pulse Repeatability
+/- 0.2% to 300 Hz. For higher repetition rates, consult factory

Temperature Coefficient
100 PPM per °C

Ambient Temperature
Storage: -40 to +85 °C
Operating:-20 to +45 °C

90% Non-condensing

The power supply is protected against open circuits, short circuits, overloads and arcs.

Agency Approvals
Certified to meet UL 60601-1
TUV Certified to EN60601-1, IEC60601-1

Note For PFC Units
When high voltage is enabled using either the "HV Enable" Line or de-activation of the "Inhibit" Line, the power supply will reach normal operation mode (and therefore all other published specifications) within 50 milli-seconds.

Height: 5.56"(141mm)
Width: 5.75"(146mm)
Length: 14.2"(361mm)

Model Non PFC PFC
<6kV 8lbs/3.6kg 10lbs/4.5kg
>6kV 12lbs/5.5kg 14lbs/6.5kg
Click here for mechanical details
Shipping Details:
Packaged Size:
10"(0.25m) x 10"(0.25m) x 20"(0.5m)
Weight: 20lbs, 9kg

Accessories (included with unit)
HV Cable

1-6kV Models - 10ft long, RG59/U Coaxial with Amphenol MHV Plug Connector for power supply and cut at the user end.
Cable end connector - Amphenol 000-28000 HV Output connector - Amphenol 000-27025
7-40kV Models - 8ft long, DS2024 Silicone lead with proprietary connector
15 pin "D" plug mating control connector
Operating manual

Mounting Brackets

Remote Control
Via 15pin d-type connector on rear panel. Click here for details


Suffix-LH "Low Inhibit" - A + 10 to 15 volt (high) signal will allow power supply operation. A 0 to +1.5 (low) signal will inhibit the supply.
Suffix-EN "Low Enable" - A + 10 to 15 volt (high) signal will disable power supply operation. A 0 to +1.5 volt (low) signal will enable the supply.
Suffix-5V 0 to +5V programming = 0 to full scale output voltage (standard 0-10V)
Suffix-LP Latching Overload Protection.
Supply will latch off, requiring a reset if an overload condition occurs.
Suffix-DC Continuous DC output

What's in the Box
Power Supply
HV Output Cable Assembly
Mating Control Connector for Ribbon Cable
(TE Part 1658615-3)
Mounting brackets and hardware
User Manual CD
Test Data Sheet


All specifications subject to change without notice.
Factory Technical Support Contacts

High Voltage Products - 1000V and higher
All ALE models, 500A, 102A, 152A, 202A, 402, 802, LC1202, 203, 303, HV Systems
PHV and FLX-HV High Voltage DC Models
Support Hours 8am-5pm Eastern
Standard Time
Andy Tydeman - Email
Tel: (732) 795 4149
Fax: (732) 455 6026
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