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• Multi-function control panel with user friendly interface
• Standard LAN and USB digital interfaces
• Standard active PFC with wide range 110-230VAC input
• 115VAC single phase AC input at 1kW power level
• Compact air-cooled design with variable speed fan
• Very compact and lightweight 2U rackmount package
• Low 0.1% peak-peak output ripple
• Integrated ARC counter with reset function
• Coarse/Fine encoders for local Voltage and Current Adjustment
• High efficiency - 85 to 90%
• 19" Rack mounted
• Protected against short circuits and arcs
• CE Mark for LVD and EMC Regulations
• Three Year Warranty


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FLX-HV Series Flexible and Versatile High Voltage Power Supplies, from 10,000 to 50,000 volts, 200 to 1,000 watts, with standard USB/LAN and Active PFC.
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FLX-HV Series Flexible DC Power Supply

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Product Overview and Models

The FLX-HV series are a new family of Flexible and Versatile High Voltage, Programmable AC to DC Power Supplies that offer performance and versatility combined with feature rich multi-function local controls, standard USB/LAN interfaces, and class leading wide range 110/230VAC input voltage with Active PFC.

This series features Output voltages of 10kV, 30kV, and 50kV at power levels of 200Watts, 500Watts, and 1,000Watts. Wide range single-phase 110/230VAC Input (100-254VAC, 47-63Hz) with Active PFC (PF>0.95) is standard for all models. The FLX-HV supply features standard integrated USB and LAN digital interfaces.

All models are CE Marked in accordance with the Low Voltage and EMC Directives, and are RoHS compliant and offer a three (3) year Warranty.

The FLX-HV model table below can be sorted by any column, just click on the column header to sort ascending or descending.

Model Number
(click any column to sort)




V p-p



FLX10P20 200 10000 20 10 17.5 2 17.9 22
FLX10P50 500 10000 50 10 17.5 2 17.9 22
FLX10P100 1000 10000 100 10 17.5 2 17.9 22
FLX30P7 200 30000 7 30 17.5 2 17.9 30
FLX30P17 500 30000 17 30 17.5 2 17.9 30
FLX30P33 1000 30000 33 30 17.5 2 17.9 30
FLX50P4 200 50000 4 50 17.5 2 17.9 30
FLX50P10 500 50000 10 50 17.5 2 17.9 30
FLX50P20 1000 50000 20 50 17.5 2 17.9 30



Ordering Information


in kV


in milliA


30 P 33

The FLX-HV series of programmable AC/DC power supplies are flexible, precise, low ripple, affordable, programmable High Voltage DC power supplies with standard LAN and USB interfaces, for a broad range of scientific and industrial applications.

The FLX-HV series is a highly efficient, compact and robust design at an affordable price point. Combining simple operation and an easy to use multi-function display, these power supplies are well suited for applications in industry, science, and research institutions.

Flexible controls with convenient menu navigation
FLX-HV models feature flexible and easy to operate local controls combined with a multi function digital display that simultaneously shows both the output set points and actual measured values. HV outputs can be adjusted with Voltage and Current encoders with coarse and fine settings, with set point adjustment possible even with the output locked. The local control interface also allows the user to set the IP address, displays information about the unit, such as serial number, firmware version, operating hours, MAC address and internal status. Other features include; Operating hours counter, device history (fault memory), streaming of actual values and states with timestamp, flash-over counter, overtemperature device shutdown, and much more.

The HV output is resistant to short circuits and flash-overs and can operate continuously into a short circuit. The FLX-HV supplies are suitable for both inductive and capacitive loads and for unlimited operation at both full and no load.

Protective functions
Multiple protective functions protect external load circuits from damage due to output overvoltage and overcurrent. As soon as one of the programmable output set points is reached, the DC output is highly regulated and prevented from exceeding the setpoints. Multiple temperature sensors monitor the main power components, and in the event of a fault, power circuits are shut down and a fault message is displayed.

ARC Detection and Shut Down
When operating above 20% of rated output voltage, if more than three load arcs are detected in a period of 5seconds, the FLX-HV output will shut-down for a short duration (approximately 5 seconds). The power supply will automatically restart and attempt to reach the programmed voltage/current setpoints, however if load arcs continue the shut-down sequence will repeat. Arc events are captured by the FLX-HV supply and cause the arc counter to increase. If an arc has been detected, the display shows ‘ARC’ instead of ‘V-Set’ and ‘C-Set’ for 10 seconds. The arc counter can be read and reset via the remote interface.

Standard digital interfaces
Standard integrated LAN and USB interfaces are located on the rear panel. This ensures the power supply can be controlled and maintained remotely and also allows multichannel communication with the unit using checksum-protected data transmission.

All models are CE Marked and offer three (3) year Warranty.

For more information about the FLX-HV AC/DC Programmable Power Supply Series, contact the TDK-Lambda Americas Programmable and High Voltage team directly at +1-732-795-4100 or online at -

A wide range of other TDK-Lambda Programmable and High Voltage power supplies can be viewed from the website:



HV Output
Rated voltage: 10kV, 30kV, 50kV
Continuous adjustment from 0 to rated voltage/current by encoder with coarse/fine setting, and locking control. Encoder steps are programmable via the remote interface.
Output Range: 0.1% to 100% of rated
Set Point Resolution:±0.1% of rated
Output Power: 200Watt, 500Watt, 1,000Watt

Fixed polarity, specify Positive (P), Negative (N)

Output Characteristics
Regulation (Line) - CV/CC: ±0.01%
Regulation (Load) - CV/CC: ±0.1% no load to full load
Recovery Time - CV/CC: < 5ms for load changes from 10% to 100% or from 100% to 10%
Response time at nominal load - < 500ms for output changes from 10% to 90% or 90% to 10%
0.1% peak to peak

< ±0.1% over 8hours under constant conditions

AC Input
Single phase 110/230VAC
(100-253VAC) 47-63 Hz, PF>0.95

AC Connector
IEC60320 C20 receptacle

85-90% at full load and nominal line

CE Marked, EN61010-1 compliant

EN61000-6-2 and EN61000-6-3

Temperature Coefficient
< ±0.1% per °C typical

Ambient Temperature
0°C to +40°C operating
0°C to +60°C storage


0-80% at 0-31°C, linearly decreasing to 50% at 40°C

Operating: 6,500ft (2,000m)

HV Output Connection
10/30kV models - GES HB41 with 9ft mating cable
50kV models - GB150 with 9ft mating cable

HV Insulating Medium
Outputs - 10kV models are air insulated
Outputs - 30/50kV use solid dielectric silicone encapsulation

Front Panel
Voltage and Current encoders, Power switch, HV ON/OFF switch.
Multi function display shows actual outputs, set points, set/display IP address, unit status, MAC address, baud rate

See dimensions and weight listed on Overview tab
2U (3.5") rackmount package x 17.9" deep x 17.5" wide

Units must be supported on an appropriate shelf if rack mounted.

Open/short circuits, Overloads, Arcs, Overtemp, Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Flashover

Digital Interfaces
(factory installed, embedded)
• LAN: LAN/Ethernet interface
• USB: USB interface
Control interface cables are not included

What's In The Box
FLX-HV Series HV Power Supply
9ft HV Output Cable
Test Data Sheet
AC power cable

Not Included
Digital control interface cable (USB/LAN etc)
Product/Interface manual available for download only

All specifications subject to change without notice.
Factory Technical Support Contacts

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PHV and FLX-HV High Voltage DC Models
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