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• Built in RS-232/RS-485
• Standard Multi-Drop (RS-485) Slave Interface
• Global Commands for
• Last Setting Memory
• High Resolution 16 bit ADC's & DAC's
• Continuous Encoders for Voltage and Current Adjustment
• Parallel Operation with Active Current Sharing and Current Sum
• Independent Remote ON/OFF and Remote Enable/Disable
• Remote Analog Programming and Monitoring
• Reliable Modular and SMT Design
• 19" Rack mounted
• Optional built-in LXI Compliant LAN interface
• Optional built-in IEEE interface
• Optional built-in Isolated Analog Programming
LabView® Drivers/GUI
• Worldwide Safety Agency Approvals
• CE Mark for LVD and EMC Regulation
• Five Year Warranty

GENH-1U (750W)
GEN-1U (750W/1.5kW)
GEN-1U (2.4kW)
GEN-2U (3.3kW)
GEN-2U (5.0kW)
ESS (10kW/15kW)
EMHP (15kW-90kW)

Genesys™ 3U 10kW and 15kW Programmable DC Power Supplies

-> 3U 10kW Models feature outputs from 7.5V (@1000A) to 1500V (@6.67A)

-> 3U 15kW Models feature outputs from 30V (@500A) to 1500V (@10A)


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