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TDK-Lambda Unveils 600W & 1000W Power Supplies for Charging Secondary Batteries

Constant Current Design — Low Profile — Compatible with Most Rechargeable Batteries

HWS1000L-BAT San Diego, CA – September 2012 – TDK Corporation announces the new TDK-Lambda HWS-L/BAT series of industrial grade 600W and 1000W power supplies. These supplies are designed to charge secondary batteries (e.g., Lithium Ion, Lead Acid, etc.) that are employed in emergency power backup systems. They can also be used in applications that require a constant current source such as UPS battery charging, wastewater treatment, electrolysis, etc.

The HWS-L/BAT series are ideal for small to medium emergency backup systems that use rechargeable batteries with a nominal voltage of 24V or 48VDC. Their design is based TDK-Lambda’s well-established HWS series of power supplies, which have been used extensively in the industrial equipment market. Since these supplies can operate in a parallel mode, a wide range of battery capacities can be accommodated.

Model Selection Guide
  High Reliability Battery Charging Power Supplies
Models HWS600L-36/BAT HWS600L-60/BAT HWS1000L-36/BAT HWS1000L-60/BAT
Maximum Voltage 36VDC 60VDC 36VDC 60VDC
Adjustable Voltage Range 28 - 36VDC 48 - 60VDC 28 - 36VDC 48 - 60VDC
Adjustable Constant Current Limit Range 9-9 - 18A 5.5 - 10A 15.9 - 29A 9.3 - 17A
Maximum Output 600W 600W 1000W 1000W

These power supplies include embedded trim potentiometers for adjusting the charge current and maximum output voltage, which make them compatible with most types of rechargeable batteries. Each supply has a low profile of only 2.4 inches. The operating temperature range is from -20 up to +74°C. In addition, they feature a low-temperature start-up capability with a 100% load, as low as -40°C; making these a reliable choice for systems that experience extremes of temperature such as outdoor enclosed equipment. In addition, these power supplies include temperature-controlled fans, which minimizes acoustic noise (up to 8 dBA less than competitive units) under typical operating conditions.

Each model accepts a wide input power range of from 85 to 265VAC, making them compatible with global power standards. Other important features include a 12V@ 0.1A auxiliary output, DC Good & Fan Fail alarm and the ability to be paralleled connected to other units for higher current applications. TDK-Lambda has included protections for over-voltage and over-temperature conditions.

The HWS-L/BAT series is CE marked and the HWS600L/BAT carries UL, CSA, EN60950-1 and EN50178 safety approvals. In addition, the HWS1000L/BAT carries additional safety certifications per the medical EN60601-1 specifications. Both power levels comply with MIL-STD-810F for vibration and shock. All models conform to EN55011-B, EN55022-B and FCC-B for conducted and radiated EMI as well as EN61000-4 immunity and EN61000-3-2 Class A power factor and harmonic distortion specifications.

The HWS-L/BAT power supplies are available now and economically priced from $365.00 each in quantities of 100 units. More information about these supplies is available at: or call TDK-Lambda Americas at 1-800-LAMBDA-4.

The full range of TDK-Lambda power supplies and dc-dc converters can be seen at their website:

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