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PR HeadlineProduct SeriesDate (MM/DD/YY)
TDK-Lambda Launches Wide-Range Isolated Single & Dual Output 40W DC-DC Converters PXF 12/16/08
TDK-Lambda Takes Digital Power Control to the Next Level EFE 11/18/08
TDK-Lambda Launches First 1000W AC-DC Isolated Power Bricks PFE1000F 11/5/08
TDK-Lambda – The New Power Division of TDK N/A 9/30/08
Compact 40W & 60W PCB Supplies Meet Class B EMI ZPSA 9/23/08
Lambda Launches Digital Power Supply NV 9/4/08
Lambda Launches Low Cost 50W to 150W Enclosed Power Supplies LS 8/5/08
1000W Power Supply Features Medical Approvals SWS-L 7/15/08
Lambda's 300W and 600W Power Supplies Deliver 300% Peak Power HWS-P 6/24/08
Lambda's PFE500F Brings More Functionality to its AC-DC Power Modules PFE 6/5/08
Lambda Celebrates 60 Years of Power Supply Excellence N/A 5/13/08
30 Amp Half Brick DC-DC Converters Feature 93% Efficiency iHG 4/20/08
Power Supplies are Class I, Div. 2 Rated for use in Hazardous and Explosive Locations DPP 4/23/08
16A POL DC-DC Converter Features 94% Efficiency iAD 4/18/08
Unique "Power City" Speeds Search for Power Products by Applications N/A 4/9/08
Lambda Offers 20W addition to its popular PCB mountable AC-DC Power Supplies ZPSA 3/11/08
Lambda Launches 1U Industrial ATX Power Supplies ZWX 2/25/08
Lambda Announces Mini-Size 5W to 15W PC-Mount Power Supplies KPSA 1/22/08
Lambda Offers Harsh-Environment 1000W & 1500W Power Supplies for Industrial and COTS Applications LZSa 1/7/08
Lambda's Industrial Power Supplies are First With Lifetime Warranty HWS 1/2/08
Lambda Introduces 120W & 240W DIN Rail-Mount Power Supplies DPP 12/5/07
Encapsulated 15 to 40W PCB-Mount Supplies are Ideal for Medical and OEM Applications KM 11/7/07
New 1000-Watt Power Supply Available In Ten Output Voltages (3.3V to 60V) HWS1000 10/27/07
Low Acoustic Noise Power Supply Bridges Gap Between Indoor and Outdoor Applications SWS600L 9/17/07
Lambda Introduces 1800W, 3-Phase AC to DC Industrial Power Supplies with 5-Year Warranty HWS1800T 7/26/07
New Quarter Brick DC-DC Converters Provide High and Flat Efficiency Curve iQE 7/5/07
Lambda Responds to Increasing Demand for Medically Rated Power Supplies NV175-M 6/20/07
Lambda's Popular FPS1000 Line Adds 12V Hot-Swap Front End for Distributed Power Systems FPS 6/11/07
Ultra-Thin Supply Delivers Power In Half The Space RTW 5/21/07
450W DC-DC Modules Are Ideal For Wireless RF Amplifiers Employed In Base Stations & Mobile Communications PAH450S 4/23/07
Lambda Launches New Series of Low-Profile DIN Rail-Mount Power Supplies for Installation in Shallow Enclosures DSP 4/11/07
Lambda Expands NV Configurable AC-DC Power Supplies NV300 3/22/07
Lambda Introduces PCB-Mount AC-DC Power Supplies KPS 2/28/07
Lambda Adds Compact 960W Series to Its Popular NV Family of Modular AC-DC Power Supplies NV700 2/8/07
Lambda Offers New Series of Low-Profile, Lightweight Triple-Output Power Supplies MTW 12/18/06
Lambda Introduces 480W DIN Rail-Mount Power Supplies DPP480 11/21/06
Lambda Launches Space Saving AC input Power Modules Capable of Operating at High Temperatures PFE 11/6/06
Lambda Adds Line of Medically Approved Power Supplies with 5-Year Warranty HWS/ME 10/5/06
Lambda Introduces New Compact, Low Cost DC-DC Converters CC-E 9/25/06
Lambda Adds Two New Easy-to-Use Industrial EMI Filters MA/MX 7/10/06
Lambda NV Series Power Supplies Now Meet U.S. Military MIL-STD-810E Standards for Shock and Vibration NV175, NV300 6/28/06
Lambda Launches Tough 500W Harsh-Environment Power Supply LZSa500-3 6/14/06
Lambda Adds New Series of Low-Noise, Fan-Cooled, 200W Peak Power Supplies in Compact Package NV175 4/5/06
TDK and Densei-Lambda Launch Unified Product Brand - 3/27/06
Lambda Completes Industrial Power Supply Lineup, Adding 300W and 600W Series with 5-Year Warranties HWS300, HWS600 1/9/06
Lambda Extends Front-End Portfolio with Compact New Medically Approved 350W Power Supply 12/6/05
Lambda Introduces 1500W Industrial Power Supplies with 5-Year Warranty HWS1500 9/27/05
Lambda Introduces Single-, Dual- and Triple-Output Power Supplies with Industry-Standard 2- x 4-inch Footprint ZPS/ZPD/ZPT 8/19/05
Lambda Vega Modular Supply Series meet MIL-STD-810E Shock and Vibration 7/29/05
Lambda Adds 480W DIN Rail Power Supplies, with Choice of Single- or 3-Phase Inputs 7/13/05
Invensys sells Lambda for $235m (£134m) - 7/19/05
Lambda Extends Vega Modular Supply Series with Higher Power Models 6/22/05
Lambda Adds 180W Single-Output Power Supply that Delivers 9.6W per Cubic Inch in a 3- x 5-inch Footprint 5/31/05
Lambda Adds New Dual-Output, RoHS-Compliant DC-DC Converters in Ultra-Compact, Lightweight Packages 5/20/05
Lambda 300W and 600W Power Supplies Receive SEMI F47 Certification 4/28/05
Lambda Introduces Low-Power DIN Rail Power Supplies 4/15/05
Lambda 1000W Modular Power Supply Receives Medical Safety Approvals Alpha 1000 3/28/05
Lambda Introduces RoHS-Compliant Industrial Power Supplies with 5-Year Warranty HWS15-150 3/11/05
Lambda Adds 600W Full-Brick Converters with 300VDC Nominal Input 2/22/05
Lambda Launches RoHS-Compliant Family of Eighth-Brick DC-DC Converters PAE 2/14/05
Lambda Introduces Fully Shielded DC-DC Converters Offering 4:1 Input Range 12/10/04
Lambda Launches DIN Rail-Mount Power Supply Redundancy Module DLP-PU 11/9/04
Lambda Introduces Dual Output Power Supplies With 200% Peak-Power Capability 10/13/04
Lambda Extends Its SWS Series Power Supplies With Reliable, Affordable New 300W and 600W Models SWS300/600 9/15/04
Lambda Adds Low-Profile, Hot-Swappable 1000W Power Supplies with Available I2C Monitoring FPS 8/27/04
Lambda Doubles Power Density with new RoHS Compliant DC-DC Converters 8/17/04
Lambda Launches Versatile RoHS-Compliant EMI Filters with Low-Leakage and DIN Rail-Mount Options 8/4/04
New Lambda NV-Power Series Provides Class-Leading Power Densities with No Compromises 6/7/04
New Lambda NV-350 Configurable Power Supply Provides Class-Leading Power Density 6/7/04
Lambda Offers 40% Extra Power with New Vega 900W Vega 900 4/28/04
Lambda Adds 200% Peak Power-Capable Power Supplies 3/15/04
Lambda Adds Eight New Products to the Low Cost SWS Series 12/18/03
Lambda extends DIN Rail Power Family, Announces Lead Free Manufacture and SEMI F47 Compliance 12/3/03
Lambda's Vega Series Enhanced with Wide Range Programmable Modules Vega W Modules 10/9/03
Lambda Launches 300W PAH300S Series of Half Brick DC-DC Power Modules for Base Station Amplifiers 9/1/03
Lambda Launches Long Life, Low Cost, DIN Rail Power Supplies 7/25/03
Lambda Launches 25A Eighth Brick PAE Series 5/19/03
Lambda's New PAF700F Series Provides 700W in a Full Brick Package 3/4/03
Lambda's New PAQ100H Series Provides up to 50A in a Quarter Brick Package 11/22/02
Lambda's New TL Series Provides 7500W in a Compact 2U Rack 8/23/02
Lambda Announces New Catalog in Binder Format 8/2102
Lambda and AVNET KENT Team up for Vega VAR Program 8/16/02
Lambda and Reptron Announce Vega VAR Program 8/12/02
Lambda's 10W Surface Mount PG10A Series Goes Open Frame 8/1/02
Lambda's PAF600F Series Provides 600W in a 24V Input Full Brick Package 7/31/02
Lambda's New PAH200H Series Provides up to 70A in a Half Brick Package. 6/10/02
Lambda and Broadband Telcom Power Announce Licensing Agreement. 5/30/02
Lambda Introduces High Current DC-DC Converters. 5/17/02
Lambda Introduces Industry's Highest Density 450W/650W Modular Power Supply. 5/17/02
Lambda Electronics, Inc. Upgrades Operations With Move To New Facility 4/19/02
Don Naab Joins Lambda Electronics, Inc. as President 12/12/01
Lambda's High Power Modular Power Supplies: Taking Modular To The Next Level 5/15/01
Lambda Introduces Industry's Highest Density 450w/650w Modular Power Supply 5/15/01
Lambda Opens New DVL Lab to Significantly Reduce Time-to-Market For Custom Power Supplies 2/28/01
Custom Inventory Search Engine Enhances Lambda's New Web Site 2/28/01
Lambda's Redesigned Web Site Provides Efficiency And Ease of Use 11/1/00
Lambda Lowers DIN Rail Power Supply Prices By As Much As 17 Percent 9/19/00
Lambda's SC Series Expands with a Flexible 150 Watt Model 9/19/00
Lambda Introduces Zero-up High Power Programmable Power Supply 8/22/00
Lambda Expands Half-brick Series with Dual Output Model 7/31/00
Lambda's X Series Provides 18.75W per Cubic Inch in Industry Standard Package 7/31/00
Lambda's PC & PV Series Provide 3.3V to 15V Isolated Outputs and Compact Footprint 7/31/00
Lambda's New Rack-mounted Systems Offer Custom-type Features 7/8/00
Lambda Expands SC Series with Two New Triple-output Models 3/28/00
Lambda Expands DT Series to Include Four-output Model with 5V Standby Voltage 2/14/00
Lambda's Low-cost H Series Linear Power Supplies Target Sensitive Applications 1/27/00
Lambda Plays Key Role in U.S. Navy Power Research Project, Melville, N.Y. 1/25/00
Lambda Expands Ultraflex Product Line with 1500 Watt Converter 1/6/00
New line of DC-DC converters provides 20 to 30 percent cost savings 3/15/1999
Lambda NES and DRP Series power supplies approved for industrial control applications 3/15/1999
Lambda RP Series power supplies meet both LVD and EMC directives 3/15/1999
New Brochure Series Features Lambda Electronics Energy Systems Power Supplies and Equipment 2/12/1999
Lambda's New Streamlined Web Site Provides Quick & Easy Navigation to Product/Technical Info 10/21/1998
Vicor Reset Patent Declared Invalid 9/30/1998
Lambda Electronics Sirius Is First 250W Modular Power Supply Available 9/15/1998
Lambda Electronics Introduces Low Cost, Modular Power Supplies with Six Month Replacement Guarantee 9/15/1998
Lambda Launches EMC / Safety Test and Certification Services 9/15/1998
Lambda's New RP Series Combines High Power Output with Low EMI Emissions 9/15/1998
Lambda Electronics' New FE Series Powers Telecom and Battery Plant Applications 8/13/1998
Lambda Electronics Introduces PA Series at 20 Percent Less Than Competition 8/12/1998
Lambda Electronics Expands PH Series with New High Density DC-DC Power Modules 8/5/1998
Lambda Electronics Introduces New UL2601 Approved Power Supplies for Medical Applications 7/29/1998
Lambda Electronics First to Market with 20W DC-DC Converter in SMT Package 7/22/1998
DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies Featured in New Lambda Electronics Brochure 7/2/1998
Leading Global Supplier Delivers Power Solutions for Telecommunications Applications 6/9/1998
High Power-Density Systems Ideal for Distributed-Power Applications 6/9/1998
New WLPMC Series Controller Handles up to 60 High-Power Rectifiers 6/9/1998
High Power Density Microprocessor-Controlled Rectifier Powers Telecom Applications 6/9/1998
New Switchmode Rectifier Module Delivers 50A @ 48V; 100A @ 24V 6/9/1998
Siebe Power Controls Agrees to Acquire Electronics Measurement, Inc. 6/1/1998