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Catalog Product Pages 1948-2004
and Legacy Product Chart

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*Consult Factory Products are subject to change by region. Please contact regional sales office to verify the specific details.

Catalog Product Pages

Model Series Catalog Year Notes
A Series 1992 Obsolete
Accessories 1994 | 1998 | 2001(J) | 2001(UK) | 2003(J) Consult factory
AL60/100 Series See webpage Obsolete
APS75 Series 2003(J) Obsolete
AS Series 1994 Obsolete
CKAMT 2001(J) Obsolete
CPCI Series 2003 Obsolete
Sirius Series (CS250, CSF models) See webpage Obsolete
DIN Series 2001(UK) Obsolete
DHP Series See webpage Obsolete
DRP Series 2001(UK) | 2003 Obsolete
DSR Series See webpage Obsolete
ESM ?(UK) Obsolete
EWS Series See webpage Obsolete See HWS15A-150A & HWS300-1500 (Sept 2011)
EWSP Series 2001(J) | 2001(UK) Obsolete
FAK Series See webpage Obsolete
Fastrack 1994 Obsolete
FE Series 1998 Obsolete
GF 2001(J) | 2001(UK) Obsolete
GPE Data Sheet(UK) Obsolete
H Series See webpage Obsolete see NN Series
HKA Series See webpage Obsolete See HWS-A (Sept 2015)
HKT Series 2001(J) Obsolete
HR Series 2001(J) Obsolete
HSS Series 1992 Obsolete
HSU Series 2001(UK) Obsolete
HV Series 1992 Obsolete
iFA See webpage Obsolete
iHA See webpage Obsolete
iQA See webpage Obsolete
iQM, iQN, iQP See webpage Obsolete
JFS Series 1998 Obsolete
K Series 1994 Obsolete
KS Series 2001(J) | 2003(J) Not recommended for new designs

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