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and Legacy Product Chart

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*Consult Factory Products are subject to change by region. Please contact regional sales office to verify the specific details.

Catalog Product Pages

Model Series Catalog Year Status
MAW Series 2003 Obsolete
MA/MX12 Series 2013 Obsolete
MB Series 2013 Obsolete
MBS Series 2013 Obsolete
MC/MZ12 Series 2013 Obsolete
MC13 Series 2013 Obsolete
MLGA Series 1985 Obsolete
MLW Series 1992 | 1994 Obsolete
MRS Series 1994 Obsolete
MS Series 2001(J) Obsolete
MWS65 2014 Obsolete
MX13 Series 2013 Obsolete
MXB Series 2013 Obsolete
MXB34 2001(J) Obsolete
MYB 2001(J) | 2001(UK) | 2003(J) Obsolete
MYB250 2003(J) Obsolete
MYBA 2001(J) Obsolete
MYS 2001(J) Obsolete
MYW 2001(J) Obsolete
MZS 2001(J) | 2003(J) Obsolete
NES Series 2001(UK) | 2003(J) Obsolete
NES/DRP Series 1998 | 2001(J) Obsolete
Omega Series 2001(J) | 2001(UK) Obsolete (See Vega)
Omega 1000-1500 Series 2001(UK) Obsolete (See Alpha)

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