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*Consult Factory Products are subject to change by region. Please contact regional sales office to verify the specific details.

Catalog Product Pages

Model Series Catalog Year Status
P-Accessories P-Accessories | 1999 Obsolete
PAF400 Series 2001(J) | 2011
PBF Series 2001(J) | 2001(UK) | 2003(J) Obsolete
PBP Series 2001(J) | 2003(J) Obsolete
PBW Series 2001(J) | 2001(UK) | 2003(J) Obsolete
PC Series 2012 Obsolete
PD Series 1998 | 2001(J) | 2001(UK) Consult factory
PD800A Series 2003(J) Consult factory
PFC Series 1994 | 1997 Obsolete
PFD Series 1998 Obsolete
PFHC Series 1992 | 1994 Obsolete
PG Series 2001(J) | 2003(J) Obsolete
PG10A Series 2003 Obsolete
PL Series 2012
PM Series 1998 | 2001(UK) Obsolete (See PX)
PN Series 2001(J) Obsolete
PNF Series 2001(UK) Obsolete
PP Series 2011 Obsolete
PR Series 2015 Obsolete
PS Series 2001(J) Obsolete
PT Series 2001(J) | 2001(UK) | 2003(J) Obsolete

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