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Vega Series FAQ

1. Question: What Vega Series models are affected by the October 2006 change to the new type input connector?


All Vega Series models prefixed by V4, V5, V6, V7, V9, K4, K6, and K9.

2. Question: What are the changes between the current production build Vega input connector released October 2006 and the previous type (models with screw input terminal units only)


  • The screw position has moved up by approx 2mm
  • The connector mounting face is 2mm further away from the end cap.
  • The clear plastic terminal cover has oval holes instead of previous circular holes (holes elongated by approx 2mm). This allows screw access for both types of input terminals.

See pictures of new vs. old types in this PDF document. (view Input Terminal Modification, 262kb )

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